Rain Dampens Outdoor Activities For Independence Day


By Catalina Trivino

 In south Alabama, people are finding ways to celebrate the holiday while staying dry.

While the rain HAS washed out some 4th of july festivities, it hasn't dampened people's moods from making sure they do SOMETHING to celebrate Independence Day -- even if it's indoors.

Bobby King says he planned on heading to the beach this weekend, but that's all changed.

"Yeah, we usually go to Florida for the whole week," Said King who wanted to go to Pensicola Beach for the weekend before the rain arrived. "I'm off the whole week we've just been hanging around the house and decided to come to the movie." And King joins a full parking lot of people who've decided to stay indoors.

Michael Nimmer, who is the General Operations Manager at The Edge Theater, says it's all of these people and the rain that have helped boost business on a weekend that's usually quiet in Greenville.

"The typical July 4th day is slow, it's steady with customers, but it's not really tremendously busy. This day, we'll probably double what we did last year, especially on the evening show times," Said Nimmer.

Just a few minutes down the road, the first United Methodist Church in Greenville moved their fourth of July celebration indoors. Organizers say it's their seventh year holding the event and the rain wasn't going to stop them from paying tribute to the day.

It was a time for music, food and fellowship -- even 10-year-old Calvin Johnson says the rain wouldn't dampen learning about what the day means to him.


"July 4th means to me that everybody can get out and express themselves and see how to be free," Said Johnson.

The bad news is the chance for rain in south Alabama is going to stay high -- forecaster predict a 70 to 80 percent chance of rain through Sunday.

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