Reaction: LSU Gives Honey Badger the Boot


By Jessica Gertler

The 2011 Heisman Trophy Finalist Tyrann Mathieu, better known as Honey Badger, is no longer an LSU Tiger. That's because Head Coach Les Miles says he's been dismissed for breaking team rules. So what does this mean for other SEC schools?

Coach Miles won't give the exact reason why his famed corner back will no longer be on the team and had his scholarship revoked. LSU rivals say they don't care what happened. All that matters to them is the Honey Badger is no longer a threat.

The news stunned the SEC nation.

"A quality, quality guy who had behavior issues, and that's it," says Coach Miles.

Mathieu has been booted off LSU's football team for breaking team rules.

CBS 8 News Sports Analyst John Longshore believes drugs may have been the reason why the  2011 Heisman Trophy finalist was dismissed.

"We all know that he had an issue with synthetic marijuana. He was kicked off last year, not playing in the Auburn game, but he came back. But certainly, the first thing I thought of it had to do something with drug use," he says.

Longshore says this is a big loss for the Bengal Tigers, especially when they're three weeks away from their first game. But he says the team still has a fierce roster, and will still be a threat to all SEC teams including Alabama on November 3.

"LSU has something to prove. It has had a chip on it's shoulder after they were embarrassed in the Superdome last January. Having Tyrann in there or not, I don't think it's that big of deal," he says.

Some LSU rivals say Mathieu was a good player, but he didn't make or break the team.

"I think we've got enough talent where we're going to be good regardless of who else is on the team," says Alabama fan Chris Roqemore.

While others are hoping their team offers the Honey Badger a spot.

"We could cash in on him getting him to come here to Alabama State and helping us out this year," says Alabama State University alumni Dennis Johns.

And then there's those who have a soft spot for Mathieu. After all, they say it's easy to make mistakes when you're 20 years old.

"I feel bad for the kid. He's young. He's a great player. You can't deny that," says Roqemore.

"Whatever structure he has goes away. You know, if they could maybe get him some help, instead of jeopardizing his scholarship. That's his education," says football fanatic Jay Helmer.

Longshore says Mathieu will most likely play at a level two school next year, and if he can prove he's changed his ways, then he'll be drafted in the NFL either in 2013 or 2014,

Red shirt freshman Jalen Collins will likely take Mathieu's spot.

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