Reaction: Payne Wins Tallassee Mayoral Run-Off


By Jessica Gertler

CBS 8 News was there when Bobby Payne received the news that he would be back in the mayor's seat. Payne says he can't wait to serve the people of Tallassee.

The cheers echoed through the streets of Tallassee.

Bobby Payne who served as the mayor for 20 years will run the city again.

Payne says his first priority is recruiting industry and jobs.

His challenger and incumbent George McCain defeated Payne four years ago, and he says he was shocked he didn't win the election this time around.

"I lost the race. The mayor has to be respected just like everyone else," McCain says. "I'm just disappointed all my programs and strategic plans are going to the waste side."

"We're going to get some things done. We've got to stay on this industry subject. We've got to recruit jobs," says Payne.

Payne says he's grateful for the community's support and won't let them down.

As for McCain, when asked if he would run again in four years, he didn't shut the idea down.

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