Reaction to Major Dog Fighting Raid


By Ellis Eskew

Federal and State authorities bust a multi-state dog fighting ring seizing 367 dogs - most in Alabama.

Montgomery Veterinarian Dr. Robert Speight says he was approached by the U.S. Attorney's Office to help after the raid in Lee County.
He helped take care of the animals at the scene that needed immediate attention.
He said the animals were in very sad conditions.

"The main thing I saw was these dogs were extremely poor in terms of emaciated. One of the sites we went to had a 115 dogs. These dogs were chained with large logging chains. A lot of them out in the hot sun. I saw puppies 10-12 weeks of age chained," said Dr. Speight.

We asked some of our Facebook fans what they think about the dog fighting bust.

Kimberly Black-Saulsberry says, "This should be a federal offense and they should be charged to the fullest and I don't mean a year in jail... I mean 10-20 years in the State Penn, 10 years probation and be registered as a convicted animal abuser."

Nicole Copeland says, "Throw them in a pit with all of the dogs they trained to kill and let the dogs have at them. I have zero sympathy for people who are cruel to children, elderly, or animals."

Chameka Yvonne Randall says, "I don't like it when another attacks my dog and to conduct illegal fights, that's just to much... I hope the dogs are okay and the people who's hosting these activities should receive some type of counseling."

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