Recent Survey: Alabama has Ugliest Residents, 2nd Dumbest State


By Ellis Eskew

A recent survey by Business Insider came out asking Americans to rank the states in different categories from best to worst.
And Alabama didn't fare too well when it came to what others states think of us.

In fact, Alabama was ranked the state with the ugliest residents and second dumbest state behind Mississippi.
And among the top states for worst food and weird accents.

Connor Williams says he disagrees.

"I think we have the greatest accents in all the world, especially in America," said Williams.

Terrissa Ankum also took offense to the low rankings.

"We are not the dumbest.. We have some very smart people here and we also have good food. I mean what's wrong with fried chicken?! We have Gulf Shores and great places to go and visit. So, Alabama isn't that bad, I don't think they got the right to judge us especially if they haven't came and visited us," said Ankum.

If you would like to look at the survey, click here.

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