Remembering Highland Home Teen Killed In Car Accident


By Amanda Wade

Friends of Drew Bradley say nearly 30 people were at Baptist South in Montgomery on Saturday waiting for news on her condition. They say when they left they were told she was stable.

Bridget Free, Bradley's Former Softball Coach, says, "At the time, everything was fine.  And, of course, my son kept asking, and just a few minutes after that, we got the call that she had passed."
Drew Bradley died on Sunday morning, after she crashed her car on County Road 59 the evening before. She was flown to Baptist South in Montgomery after the single car accident.  Community members say Bradley was the life of the school, never met a stranger, and was kind and funny.
"My family was just, they loved her.  And I just kept telling myself that, you know, we don't know how bad she was hurt," says Free.
Her best friend, Abigail Stephenson, says Bradley was on her way to Stephenson's house when she wrecked.  The pair often ate together at the Highland Home Subway, where workers remember Bradley's humor, "They'd always get sandwiches, and we'd laugh and we'd cut up, joke around.  You know, she's just a bubbly little girl," says Jennifer Pouncey, a Highland Home Subway Employee.
The Crenshaw County School Superintendent says Bradley was the life of the school.  He says counseling is being offered to students to help cope with the loss.  Even students who just knew Bradley in passing, said she made an impression on everyone, "She was very close to everybody.  She always put a smile on their face," says student, Randi Hooks.
The Superintendent also says he saw students counseling one another today and are helping each other cope. 
The Principal of Highland Home School says the memorial service is being planned for November 2nd, but the details have not been finalized.  

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