Rep. Barry Mask Speaks Out About Resignation


By Josh Ninke

Montgomery's Jay Love and Mobile's Jim Barton have already resigned from their seats in the Alabama House of Representatives. 

Barry Mask is quitting early to become the CEO of the Alabama Association of Realtors.

He says he feels like he did his job in the legislature.
"I don't think my voters feel short changed at all. In the seven years I've served in the House I had eight priorities locally with infrastructure, grants, economic development goals. I looked at my campaign materials from seven years ago and I've accomplished all eight and more. So they've been very supportive and they certainly understand the decision," said Mask. 
But not all his constituents agree. John Powell wrote to us on facebook that, "When these people run for office they need to fulfill their obligation and complete their term. If you cant do this then don't run for office."
Mask says this new job opportunity is one he couldn't pass up, but he didn't make the decision lightly. 
"When you have other opportunities you have to look at them. Do the best thing for your family. A lot of people don't realize that if you're doing your job as a legislator, it's a commitment. It's a time commitment and it can be a grind," said Mask.
Jay Love's special election will cost taxpayers about $60,000. Officials are still adding up the costs for Barry Mask's election. 


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