Responders Team Up to Save Trapped Construction Workers


By Ashley Thompson

During certain emergencies, special agencies respond to the scene prepared for anything.

Dozens of emergency responders rushed to the scene where two men were trapped underground. They worked collectively and successfully saved two lives.

Two construction workers found themselves in serious danger after a cave-in left them buried alive. Nearby workers called for help. Chief Lamar Hall of the Burkville Volunteer Fire Department says he was first on the scene and immediately took charge.

"I could see the hair on his head and there was one of the workers that was keeping the dirt out of his nostrils," says Lamar. "That's what I saw. I immediately got a shovel out of my truck and started digging."

But when Lamar saw that his digging alone wasn't enough to save the men, he dialed 911. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office got the call, though even they needed more hands to pull off the rescue.

"Once we got on the scene, we realized that as hard as we were working, we needed some additional help," says Captain George Beaudry of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. "We were able to get Montgomery Fire to bring their Heavy Rescue group out here and they did an outstanding job of getting the two subjects out of the ground."

Not only did the the Heavy Rescue Unit respond, but the Lowndes County Sherriff's Office and Montgomery Life Flight Air Medics did as well. All special agencies worked together to dig the two men out from beneath the earth.

The entire rescue took approximately four hours to complete, a shorter time frame than experts predicted.


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