Restaurants, Bars Get Ready For Superbowl Sunday


By Ashley Thompson

Restaurants in Montgomery are getting ready for big crowds this Superbowl Sunday.

When we asked people which team they predicted to win the Superbowl, answers varied.
"Oh, the Ravens!" says fan Alonzo Strange. "First of all, the Ravens have a stronger team."

"Oh, the 49ers without a doubt," says fan John Vaught.

A lion at the Montgomery Zoo shredded a box representing the Ravens to pieces, which means the 49ers are supposed to win. But regardless of who wins the Lombardi Trophy, one thing is certain- restaurants in Montgomery will be catering to football fans of both teams this Sunday.

"We'll go through about 1200 to 1500 pounds of all chicken," says Baumhowers Assistant Manager Barney Smart. "That's wings and breasts and all the other chicken that we have."

Patrons aren't just dining in for the big game, they are also getting food to go. Smart tells us this is their biggest carry-out day of the year and says people have been placing orders to cater their own superbowl parties since last week.

"Which is kind of a big plus for us because we get to have the internal and the external guests at the same time," he says.

Baumhowers isn't the only place expecting a full house, bars and restaurants downtown are also expecting large crowds.

"This is going to be our first superbowl. We're really excited," says Railyard Brewing Company Sous-Chef Preston Trott.

Trott tells us The Railyard Brewing Company will stay open until the last guest goes home on Sunday.

'"We're expecting to be packed," he says. "Every football game for all the collegiate football games this past season we've been packed. We've done wings and nachos. We're doing them really cheap." 

And it's not just extra food that will be needed, Manager Philip Ferrari with Dreamland says additional hands will also be necessary to help with patrons dining in

"Staff works quickly on that day," he says. "We staff full. Probably an extra bartender. I recommend people get here probably half hour to an hour before that." (kickoff)

The 47th Annual Superbowl will air this Sunday on CBS. Kickoff is set for 5:30pm.

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