Rewards Offered in Four Montgomery Cold Cases


By Josh Ninke

Montgomery police need your help after hitting dead ends on four unsolved murder cases.

Now they're putting money on the table, offering $11,000 rewards to solve each of the killings.
In one of those cases, In that case, police say 18 year-old Des' Wana Gregory was killed by a stray bullet on Gibbs Drive in August 2011.
His family remembers him as an active young man who had just graduated high school and wanted to become a firefighter.
They're still waiting for answers.
"Someone out there knows because there's too much out there going on. Someone knows. And I would like for them to come forward. If they have any love for my son and they know that he was a very good person," said Shimeka Gregory, the victim's mother. 
"Everybody says that they were my cousins friend and stuff. And the only thing I want to know is if you know something about him getting killed, just come forward and be a man about it. Don't hide behind and tell another person and tell another person," said Cequan Smith, Gregory's cousin. 
Gregory isn't the only victim who's case has gone unsolved so far. Police are also looking for any information about the murders of Antonio Villanueva, found shot on Bonaparte Boulevard, Domingo Mendez, killed on Willena Avenue, and Pablo Bartolon, murdered on South Hopper Street. All of these men were killed in 2011. 
Montgomery County District Attorney Ellen Brooks says that these rewards are very helpful when police have exhausted all of their resources.
"But believe it or not, what it promotes is more interest in the case, more awareness, more discussion, and we can get information where people don't even claim the rewards. Of course that's up to them. But it gets us all talking so I think it's invaluable," said Brooks. 
Brooks asked Governor Bentley for help in solving this murder. Five thousand dollars of each reward is coming from the state.

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