Rose Supper Club; ABC Board Hold Hearing On Liquor License

The Rose Supper Club has been operating without a liquor license for a little over a month now.


By Ashley Thompson

The Supper Club's owner pleaded not guilty to 3 charges. They include disobeying happy hour limitations, serving non-members of the club, and failure to keep accurate membership records. But Captain Peacock says aside from these offenses, the Rose also creates other safety issues.

"The testimony about emergency responders having problems getting in there because of the congestion of the area, the pedestrians in the club and around the area. If somebody gets hurt, it's hard to get in their and help them," he explains.

But not everyone thinks the Club should be held responsible for the shooting.

"I don't think they should have took their liquor license away just because of the shooting," says ASU student Justin Stephens. "I mean, people do drink in the club but still sometimes tempers already flare before they go to the club."

And others say the Rose should have its' liquor license returned.

"Yeah, I think they should get their license back," says Montgomery resident Robert Okwara. "That's part of a club, going out to drink and being responsible about it. What they need to do is enforce people to be safe about their drinking and just have security."


CBS 8 News did try to speak with those representing the Rose Supper Club but they did not want to talk.The verdict is still out on whether the club will get its liquor license back. We'll keep you updated.

The Rose Supper Club hasn't been open on a Sunday since the shooting that took place last December. The owner says he was not there that night but will try to have more of a presence during the club's business hours.



The Rose Supper Club has been operating without a liquor license for a little over a month now. The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board board held another hearing today to discuss the status of that license.

The hearing lasted about two hours with representatives for both the Rose Supper Club and the ABC board going back and forth, debating whether the club should get its liquor license back.

Owners of the Rose Supper Club are appealing a decision from the ABC board that left them a dry bar. An emergency suspension from the board removed the club's liquor license after a shooting last December left 6 people wounded. But an attorney for the board says returning the liquor license may not be what's best for the community.

"I think that the board definitely needs to consider whether they need to have that," says Captain David Peacock, an attorney for the board. "They operate their business in a disorderly manner and that's a danger to the health of the community and the safety of the community," he says.

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