The Rose Supper Club Loses Liquor License, Still Open for Business


By Heather VacLav

The Rose Supper Club in Montgomery can no longer serve alcohol to patrons for four months; this comes after Montgomery Police made an arrest in a shooting that happened last week.
The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) issued an emergency suspension of the Rose Supper Club's liquor license in hopes of preventing harm from happening there again.
But not everyone in the community is sold on the solution.
“They can name it the pearly gates of heaven,” said Thea Tucker sarcastically. Tucker has lived in the River Region her whole life, “It’s still the same, horrible.”
The Rose Supper Club, The Rose, Top Flight, it's name has been changed a number of times, but most people in Montgomery say the nightclub on Highland Avenue has a history with trouble.
“It needs to be shut down, for real, because a lot of folks get hurt, innocent people get hurt,” Reggie Johnson said. Johnson lives in the neighborhood around the club.
“For one, it’s an eye sore,” Tucker said. “It’s nothing good, you never ever hear anything good coming from the Rose Supper Club.”
An early morning shooting December 3rd wounded six people, after a fight broke out at the Rose Supper Club, so ABC suspended the club's liquor license.
“[We did it] in hopes of not having repeat shootings, stabbings or anything else out there that would be detrimental to the safety and welfare of the community,” Captain Hal Taylor, said. Taylor is the assistant director of special operations in ABC’s Enforcement Division
But despite the shooting last week and a stabbing in late August, this is the first time the Rose's liquor license has been suspended.
“They can be open, they can have patrons, they can do whatever, they can just not sell alcohol,” Capt. Taylor said. “They can not have it on the premise, they can not sell it, they can not do anything with alcohol.”
But not everyone in the area is convinced The Rose will follow those rules, especially at its Christmas Party Wednesday night.
“I don't think it's going to happen, nobody is going to go to the Rose and not have alcohol,” Tucker said.
Josh Harding, a partner of Dreamland Bar-b-que in Montgomery doubts the club would have a party and still comply with the suspension. “They'll be serving alcohol there for sure,” Harding said.
Capt. Taylor says if the Rose breaks the law, ABC will be out in full force. “They will arrest them, they will arrest whoever is serving, and whoever is there and take them to jail,” Taylor said.
The Rose Supper Club will have its emergency suspension hearing in front of the ABC Commission December 19th. Then on January 16th the Commission will decide whether to fine the club, further suspend it or revoke its liquor license altogether. Once a decision is reached in January, the club can appeal the decision to the ABC Board.


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