Scrap Metal Thieves Target Fencing at City Baseball Parks in Selma


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Fences surrounding city baseball parks in Selma have apparently become the target of thieves - hunting for scrap metal.

Selma Parks and Recreation Director Elton Reece says thieves have stolen railings off of fencing at more than a dozen baseball parks all around the city.

Reece says the stolen railings are probably being sold as scrap metal.

"A ball park fenced-in, is like a buffet to a thief," said Reece. "They can come in and just a matter of a few minutes or thirty minutes or so and just collect two or three hundred pounds of railings and go sell them somewhere."

Selma Police are investigating the thefts. If you have information -- call (334) 874-6611.

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