Selma Area Food Bank in Need


By George McDonald

A Selma non-profit organization continues the work of feeding the hungry -- despite a drastic drop in charitable donations

The Selma Area Food Bank helps to provide food to thousands of people in one of the most economically depressed areas in the entire country.

73-year-old Ruthie Motley lives on a fixed income in the Selmont community in Dallas County.  Food donations from New Selmont Church through the Selma Area Food Bank helps her stretch her pennies a little further each month.

She says, "The church is actually supposed to be one the front line of combating hunger. Jesus said I was hungry and you didn't feed me he said you take care of the fatherless, you take care of the widows."

The food is packed at the food bank, picked up by the church, then delivered to the homes of about fifty struggling families in Dallas County.

Reverend David Perry says, "Everybody that gets food from the food bank is not mooching off the system, you got a lot of families that just need some assistance to get through some tough times."

Mrs. Motley says when times are hard every little bit helps.


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