Selma City Schools Under Investigation by State Department of Education


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The State Department of Education is now investigating allegations of inappropriate sexual activity at Selma City Schools involving school employees and students.

A group of concerned parents and citizens collected more than 600 signatures on a petition asking the state to conduct a full investigation of the system.

Group members say the arrest of Selma High School Health teacher Latanglia Williams on sex charges involving students back in April - raised serious concerns about student safety.

"I hope that whatever is wrong with our system, we can fix it. If that means replacing some things and some people then so be it," said Sharon Taylor.

"They need to do just do a total investigation and those who are not fit to be in our school system need to be thrown out, period," said Peter Murry.

The goal of the investigation is to ensure that an appropriate educational environment is maintained in all Selma schools.

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