Several Construction Projects Underway in Selma


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- The sound of heavy equipment can be heard all over the city of Selma.

Mayor George Evans says all the construction is a mix of economic development -- and infrastructure improvement projects.

"We have infrastructure problems that we're working through and as funds come available we're trying to fix them," said Evans.

One of the projects underway is on the 1500 block of Philpot Avenue. Alisia Cleveland says flooding is always a  concern for people who live on the block whenever it rains.

"I'm hoping that whatever they've done to the street will cause my drainage system to work 100-percent better than what it is," said Cleveland.

Evans says construction of a new apartment complex is close to being finished -- and the city is also preparing to do street repaving projects on Water Avenue and Lapsley Street.

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