Severe Flooding in Elmore and Dallas Counties


By Ashley Thompson

Many residents in both Elmore and Dallas Counties are dealing with flooding as heavy rainfall hit the area this afternoon.

It's been raining on and off for hours so much that some people can't even get in and out of their homes without getting wet. Some residents in Elmore County say this is the worst they've ever seen this flooding.

Residents on Turtle Drive in Millbrook say they're in shock at the amount of flooding on their street.

"I haven't seen it this bad before," says resident Tracy McMullen. "I've seen it right above the drainage contraption but not quite this bad."

But this time, flood waters go all the way up driveways.

"No it ain't never got this far up," says homeowner Ruth Bray.

Bray tells us she's lived at her home on Turtle Drive for decades. She says although the flooding is severe, she's just thankful she's safe.

"Everybody's been checking on me but I told them bring a boat," Bray laughs.

Stacy Sirnadis lives at the end of the cul-de-sac and tells us flood waters are now seeping into her home. There are even some cars underwater.

"A neighbor's granddaughter tried to drive through and got stuck so that's where she stalled out," she says.

People in Dallas County are also dealing with flooding. Selma received four inches of rain in just a short period of time. Four houses on Barrett Street have flooded and Kwamika Fletcher lives in one of them. She tells us she was napping during the rainfall and woke up to a foot of water inside her home.

"I walked in the whole house and there was water everywhere," Fletcher says. "I stepped outside, water all the way up to my knees."


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