Sex Offenders On Halloween Right Down The Street?


By Sarah Cantey

We are less than a week away from Halloween but do you know whose doors your kids could be knocking on?

In a 25 mile radius of Montgomery there are more than 600 registered sex offenders and in Tallassee more than 200.

There is no law in Alabama prohibiting them from passing out candy and there is no special monitoring of them on Halloween Night.

That's why Tallassee Police and other agencies urge parents to look up that information if they are concerned.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety has all of that information online.

Samantha Ingram said, "Do I check it as I should, no. But I also keep them in my line of sight."

Brad Mason said, "I'm going to be with my kids. I'm not going to turn them loose and let them go on their own. I'm going to be right there with them."
Local churches hold trunk-or-treat events in their parking lots as another, safe alternative to going door to door. For more information on how to look up sex offenders visit:

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