Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sheriff Denies Bond for Troy Man Accused of Raping Two Women
By Jessica Gertler

The Pike County Sheriff says he will not let the man accused of raping two women in Troy make bail.

Sheriff Russell Thomas says Andre Ellis has tried making his $350,000 bail for a burglary charge and two rape charges.

Thomas says the bonding company Ellis is using has recently posted too many bonds in the county.

Thomas also says he feels Ellis will be a flight risk, because his family is from Hale County, and that he may be a threat to the community because of his criminal history.
"I want people to feel safe in this county. I want their daughters and their wives to feel safe in this county. That's my responsibility as Sheriff. I don't feel that this is a good bond. I don't feel that they have the sufficiency to make this bond," he says.
Ellis's case will head to Grand Jury on July 31. He will also appear in court in August for a theft by deception charge.