Co-defendant Shocks Courtroom Testifying in Day 5 of "Critter Man" Trial


By Heather VacLav

New testimony shocks the courtroom in day five of the capital murder trial of Kindall Riley, 21, who is accused of killing a well-known Montgomery animal trapper.

Co-defendant Jeremy Riley, 23, Kindall's cousin, took the stand and told the courtroom, how he says, Ralph "The Critter Man" McNeil was murdered.

Both men are being charged with capital murder, but investigators say they didn't do it alone.

Police believe former Montgomery physician Dr. David Nash and McNeil's fiance' Serena English hired the Riley's to kill McNeil over a custody dispute.

Riley told the court he and his cousin only wanted to rob McNeil, but in the process, Kindell decided to shoot and fatally stab him.

Susan James, defense attorney for Dr. Nash was inside the courtroom preparing for her client's trial in August.

"[Riley's] testimony, in my opinion, based upon what I know about the case, was in complete contradiction to what the state has said to that jury they are going to prove, " James said.

Jeremey Riley explained to the court he only had a drug dealer relationship Nash and English because he sold them marijuana, and he was unaware they were plotting to kill McNeil.

In return for Jeremy Riley's testimony, the state struck a deal to shorten his murder sentence to 25 years.

If convicted, Kindall Riley could face up to life in prison. The trial will resume Monday, when the jury is expected to start deliberating.


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