Shooting Near Family Dollar in Montgomery Leaves One in Critical Condition


By Ashley Thompson

UPDATE: Authorities say the victim is now stable.

A man is critically injured after a shooting this afternoon in Montgomery.





Kirk Williams says his mother lives behind the Family Dollar on Southern Blvd. and Bonaparte. Williams says he had just arrived to check on her when he realized something wasn't right.

"When I got in the house, that's when I heard the gunshot and I just grabbed her and put her on the floor and made sure she was alright."

Others heard the gunshot as well. Store Manager Roderick Powell says he did hear a noise but thought nothing of it.

"I thought the gunshots were boxes falling inside the store," he says.

Powell continued working. He says he was on his way to collect store buggies in the parking lot when he saw something shocking.

"When I walked outside, the guy pulled up in the parking lot," he says. "He told me to come here and I walked up and he said I've been shot. He was just like I've been shot and he was just bleeding all over the place."

After seeing the bloody driver, Powell called the police. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Residents, like Williams, who live near the Family Dollar say crime in the area has been an issue for quite some time.

"It's a little dangerous," says Williams. "It's hard right now and the economy isn't making it any easier. Maybe if they get better with jobs and stuff, maybe it wouldn't be that bad."


A suspect is in custody. Police say they are still investigating.  Authorities tell us charges are pending. Stay tuned to Alabama News Network for more information.

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