Silver Says He's the Victim of a Smear Campaign


By Jessica Gertler

ASU's Board of Trustees has agreed to delay tomorrow's meeting until Friday, so Governor Robert Bentley can be there as President Joseph Silver's future is discussed.

Until then, students are showing their support for Silver who was put on administrative leave. He says because he'd questioned the way money was being spent.

"Because of the issues I have raised, I'm part of a smear campaign now," says Silver.

Silver says this will be the last time he speaks out after he was placed on administrative leave Monday by the Board of Trustees. 

"I discovered some items I considered questionable and troubling, at best, and a conflict of interest at the least. When I asked for clarifications, I did not get answers. When I asked for supporting data, the data was withheld."

Silver says after pressing issues about the way money was being spent and deciding to fire Executive Vice President John Knight and another administrator, he was suspended. \

While Knight denies those allegations and silvers findings, hundreds of students are standing by Silver and asking the board to resend it's actions. 

"The students really admire our president," says Kyle Burney, the Student Government Association President. "The students will have a plan of action leading up to the board meeting."

Faculty members are also supporting Silver. All 40 members of the Faculty Senate voted to reinstate him as president and are writing letters to the Governor before the next board meeting. 

"This university teaches a lot a of people, so we want to make sure the best thing happens for the institution. It's not about us individually. It's about a university that needs to stand and serve generations unborn," says Charles Hardy, Chairman of Faculty Senate.

Silver had been president for fewer than 90 days.

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