Speeding In Construction Zone With No Workers: Get ticket


By Lisa Blackwell

The signs along this construction zone on highway 231 show the speed limit is 45 yet as we drove the posted limit through here traffic was passing us by.

We slowed down for the warning signs, but not many other drivers did. These construction signs along 231 have been posted for awhile.. yet no workers are around. State Trooper Steve Jarrett says even without crews present you can get a ticket.

"In a construction zone you're usually going to see a reduced speed limit with workers present and without the difference is if you get stopped and get a ticket and the workers are present the fines will be double," said Jarrett.

Bob Harris from Indiana says he slowed down for this work zone but says he usually doesn't slow down unless he sees workers.

"Typically sometimes there's warnings like lights flashing or something where you know they're working but otherwise no I usually increase the speed," said Harris.

Henry Still drives through here all the time.

"If there ain't nobody out here and they lower the speed limit I do run it I do that, the regular speed limit?, the regular speed limit if I run through here and it says 65 I come on through at 65," said Still.

A spokes person for ALDOT says reduced speed limits will stay in effect until the project meets certain standards. Trooper Jarrett says lower speeds help protect everyone.

"It's for the safety of the motoring public cause the roadway is often not up to pre-construction conditions whether it be the striping is not the way it was or not finished or the surface may be uneven or a number of issues," said Jarrett.

Over on I-85, just east of Montgomery, speed limits are reduced well before the outer loop work zone. ALDOT says that's because they must lower speed limits gradually and because they have some work vehicles that move in and out of traffic. 

ALDOT says weather permitting, workers should be back on this stretch of 231 next week to do a final coating and striping. They say this project will be complete by the end of the year.

By the way a trooper patrolling that stretch of 231 says in 4 hours, he wrote over 20 tickets for people driving 80 mph and higher.


When you're driving down the road and you see those construction signs saying to slow down, speeding fines doubled, but there's no workers present do you have to slow down?

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