State Parole Board Denies Release Of Troy University Student Murderer


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- the state parole board denies the release of a Pike County man convicted of murdering a Troy University student in 1998. This comes after hearing emotional pleas from families on both sides.

Imagine if your loved one was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

That's what happened to 18-year old Komomo Offem, who happened to walk out of a Troy Night Club to get some air... and a drive-by shooter missed his target, another person, and struck him instead.

"A parent is not supposed to bury her child. It should be the other way around," Said the victim's mother, Elizabeth Offem, to the state parole board.

It wasn't the first time these families met before the board to decide the fate of Deiallo Stringer, who is convicted with murdering Troy University student, Komommo Offem 15 years ago.

The Pike County District Attorney's Office says Stringer left a Troy night club, which is now demolished, then drove by it to shoot another person, who he missed.
"And the bullet hit him... and we were told he was on the floor. And they tried everything before the ambulance got there and I think it was already too late," Said Offem.

But Stringer's family told the board he was suitable for parole.

"Anytime that there is any opportunity to volunteer to do other things to get away from the prison he does it and does it willingly," Said Stringer's father, Terry.

After hearing the emotional pleas on both sides family members waited to see if Stringer would be given another chance at freedom.

"He did not make parole, sir. He's set up again for the year 2018," Said the parole board.

Wofai Offem was 16-years-old when his 18-year-old brother was murdered. He says they were inseparable. He also says in prison is where Stringer belongs.

"You'd think it gets easier when he's gone, but it does get harder. But you come at peace knowing he's with God," Said Wofai Offem.

The experience has impacted Offem's parents even until this day. They still have a hard time letting their children go out feeling scared that someone will cause them harm. But they do feel some relief that Stringer will be behind bars a little longer.

Stringer is serving a life sentence for Offem's murder. His next parole hearing will come up in 5 years.

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