State Preps for Tropical Storm Karen


By Ellis Eskew

Right now, the water along Alabama's Gulf Coast is calm as Tropical Storm Karen brews in the tropics. 

But that could all change in a matter of a day.
Those on the Gulf are not taking any chances like the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

"Getting other parts of the laboratory buttoned down. We have working shutters on our building, getting our boats prepared, and we'll remove them in the morning," said Dr. John Dindo.

In fact, as of right now this weekend's Bayfest Music Festival will go ahead as planned.

While the coast may be in the biggest danger, state officials are getting ready even in the middle of the government shutdown.

 "FEMA informed us several days ago that the shutdown would not affect the pre-landfall response nor any response after landfall," state EMA Director, Art Faulkner.

Governor Robert Bentley released this statement regarding the storm:

"On the state level, we will be prepared for a possible emergency response.  On the individual level, people play an important role in community preparedness. "

That's why Faulkner says it's important for us all to monitor the situation.

"People just need to be prepared that if the storm continues on the track that we may have a lot of heavy rain this weekend. Could be some localized flooding depending on the category of the storm," said Faulkner.

For now, as they continue to monitor the situation, officials prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

For more information on how to prepare yourself for severe weather click here.



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