Storm On Mind Of Tailgaters


By Sarah Cantey

Today Football fans in Troy got lucky that Tropical Storm Karen didn't make an appearance. But, some tailgaters' travel plans were still affected by the storm. 
Mike Myers said, "The sun's out. It just couldn't be any better and considering what's coming at us." 
Tropical Storm Karen may still be miles away from Troy. But for tailgaters, from the Pensacola-area, it almost kept them from homecoming. 
Gregg Noble, from Gulf Breeze, FL said, "So we decided we were going to stay till late last night. Looked like the storm was not going to hit until Sunday so we said well shoot lets go to Troy, it's a lot better than staying here for Karen."
And while the group was determined to see the game, Karen was cutting their day short. Lisa Noble, from Gulf Breeze, FL said, "Have to just get in the car and go. We have ice already. We have plenty of water. We have batteries. We have food We have gas. The only thing that we need to secure is the boat."  

No matter how bad of a storm it ends up being, Troy city leaders spent Friday making sure all the first responders, utilities and other departments were ready.

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