Storm Sends Man To Hospital, Damages Homes In South Alabama


By Catalina Trivino

The impact of the storm's high winds in south Alabama has caused devastation for some people in south Alabama, leaving one man in the hospital, a woman homeless, and numerous homes destroyed.

More than 1,500 people lost power during the storm, but that was nothing compared to what happened to some other south Alabama residents.

CBS 8 News spoke with the National Weather Service Survey Team from Birmingham and they tell us they believe possibly an EF-1 tornado did briefly touch down in Luverne.


Areas in south Alabama are enduring the storm's wrath, which has left buildings damaged and yards flooded.

But in some places, like Butler County, one man is left fighting for his life. Authorities say it happened around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, when a tree measuring about 60 feet tall fell on a home on Highway 31.

Leaving an 81 year old man, whose name has not been released, trapped on his bed overnight. So far, Butler County deputies say they do not know the severity of his injuries, but he was life-flighted Wednesday morning to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensicola... all due to Tuesday's high-speed winds, neighbor, Annie George, says she never imagined could do such damage.

"It was the baddest that I have seen in a while because the winds were really really high and the rain was just coming down in sheets," Said the Georgiana man's neighbor, Annie George.

The storm also slammed areas in Crenshaw County. A Franklin Avenue home in Luverne was one of 11 that were damaged, according to Crenshaw County's  Emergency Management Agency.

The roof was peeled off the home around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, while the Mitchell family was celebrating Christmas.

"I heard a noise and I said, 'What is this? What is that noise?' and some of the kids said it is wind and I said, 'no hell it ain't... this is a train, this is a tornado, we've got to get somewhere!'" Said Luverne homeowner, Phyllis Mitchell.

"It sounded like a train, it sounded like you were fixing to get slammed and run over. You don't... you're scared... you don't know what it is," Said Mitchell's granddaughter, Mackenzie Carlos.

In Covington County the sheriff office reports minor damages. There were no injuries.

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