Storms Leave Major Damage in Montgomery's Cloverdale Neighborhood


By Ashley Thompson

Thunderstorms pounded parts of Alabama this afternoon. Heavy winds and rains caused major damage across Montgomery, especially in Cloverdale, where several streets are now blocked off.

We found several residents in the area walking around, assessing the damage, and explaining just how bad this storm was.

"It was just real windy and rainy," says Cloverdale resident Clint Thames.

"It got really dark both inside and outside of the house," says Matthew Duke.

"Just a lot of banging, thuds, pulling, and whistling," says Sebastian Sanchez. "It was just insane."

Trees now line the streets and power lines are snapped in half as people begin to clean up the mess. Matthew Duke lives on Thorn Place, which is now partially blocked off. He tells us he's never before seen this much damage on his street.

"Everything is tree damage, some roof damage, car damage," he explains. "There's several trees on top of cars."

Others say they they didn't anticipate the damage being this severe.

"I thought it was just a wind storm and just started seeing these trees falling down," says Thames.

"I went inside the house and I just stayed there until I saw that it was kind of clear," Sanchez tells Alabama News Network. "I went outside and saw all this."

People are now dealing with the aftermath and realizing that it may be some time before everything is back to normal.

Alabama Power reports almost 10,000 people in Montgomery without power, which isn't making things any easier for residents here. Some tell us they'll have to wait a while before beginning any repairs..

"I'll just order a pizza from my cell phone and hope they can get it here," Thames says.

If you do see a downed tree or downed power line, don't touch it. Call your power company or dial 911.


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