Student Says He Was Bullied, Wants Disciplinary Action Taken


By Ashley Thompson

A Montgomery mother says bullying that began at Jeff Davis High School and escalated off school grounds, left her son unconscious and with a broken nose.

But because the incident did not happen on school property, she says nothing is being done about it.

Cassandra Williams says after her 15-year-old son accidentally bumped into another student in the hallway, his life was threatened when two students followed him into his classroom. She says security had to be called, and escorted all three boys to the principal's office. After a brief talk, the students went back to their classrooms. Williams tells us she's disappointed that she wasn't notified of the incident.

"I felt like if I was notified, I could have done more," she says. "I could have asked more questions. I could have went and talked with the principal and possibly talk to some of the boys' parents." 

Her son, Braxton Williams, tells us he doesn't think the principal took the matter seriously.

"They had came in my classroom and tried to fight me so I thought they were going to get suspended or get away from me or something," he explains. "But the principal just sent us back to our classrooms."

Just two days after the incident, Braxton says the bullying took a dangerous turn. He says while he was trying to get into a friends car to go home, the same two boys approached him. But this time, he says additional students came with them.

"I had a broken nose, a black eye and a head concussion. I dont really remember, you know. I was blacked out."

The beating was so bad, that paramedics were called to the scene. The fight happened just feet away from Jeff Davis High School but not on school grounds. Because of this, Williams says the school has done little to stop the bullying.

"The principal told me this is something that happened off school campus so...and it happened right next to the school ."

And Braxton, tells us he believes the Principal, by not doing more to prevent the beating, is sending a bad message.

"That they can get away with doing that," he says. "They can do it to anyone if they want unless they're on school property."

Braxton Williams is currently being home schooled until his mother can make arraignments to send him to another school. He says all other boys involved in the fight are still in school.


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