Students in Selma-Dallas Co. Head Back to School


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Summer vacation came to an end Monday -- and it was back-to-school for thousands of public school students in the Selma and Dallas County area.

School officials spent the first day getting rosters and schedules together -- and getting books out to students.

They say student enrollment was good -- there were no major problems or issues -- and the new school year got off to a smooth start.

"We're extremely excited about it and believe we had a smooth beginning this morning," said Selma School Superintendent Gerald Shirley. "I've gone and visited several schools, and so far, everything has gone on smoothly," he said.

"After its gone all summer you never quite know what's going to work a hundred percent," said Dallas Co. Interim Superintendent Don Willingham.  "So far today, I've had very few reports of air condition problems, very few reports of S-T-I incidents so as far as student enrollment everything is working wonderful."

Both Selma City Schools and Dallas County Schools have about four thousand students each.

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