Tallassee Man Accused of Raping Several Children


By Jessica Gertler

Tallassee Police are calling it the most horrific child abuse case in the history of Elmore County. A Tallassee man is behind bars on charges he raped eight children under the age of 12.


31-year-old Steve Conrad is facing multiple charges of sodomy, sexual abuse and rape. 

Police also arrested Conrad's wife, Brandy Conrad, and his two friends, Helen Ganntt and Jeffery Ray, on charges they knew about the sexual abuse, but did not tell police.

Rodgers says Conrad has admitted to abusing eight children, four of whom were family members. 

"Over the 11 years, he would form a relationship, whether that was a dating relationship or a friend relationship, with these women. They would be comfortable enough around him where they would leave him with the child alone. That's when the abuse began," says Rodgers.

Conrad is being held at the Tallassee City Jail, and the others are at Elmore County. All four are being held without bond.



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