Tallassee Receives Grant to Expand Busy Road


By Brittany Bivins

Grant money is being used to fix a road in Tallassee that city officials say could pose a hazard to people traveling to an elementary school.

While city officials say it will be better in the long term, they say people to be careful while construction takes place. Tallassee is receiving about $1.2 million in grant money for the project, and city officials say it is something they've been wanting to fix for years.

Friendship Road in Tallassee is on a busy road near the heart of the city that leads to two places seeing a lot of traffic: Tallassee Elementary School and Tallassee Community Hospital. City officials say there's a lot of congestion on the hill that leads up two both buildings, which are directly across the street from each other.

They say that makes it almost impossible to get through the area when school is getting started before 8:00 or ending around 3:00, but they hope adding a third lane and expanding the bridge will fix the problem.

City officials say when construction begins within a year, people will need to slow down and pay attention on this road to avoid accidents and plan a few extra minutes to get through the area.

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