Tax-Free Holiday Not Just For Back-To-School Shoppers


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- the tax free weekend is serving as a break for back to school shoppers, but the holiday is turning into a shopping "free-for-all," adding an extra bonus for retailers.

Back to school shopping doesn't mean just buying crayons and gluesticks. A lot of people are buying items for kids and themselves.

"I wouldn't be out today if it wasn't because of the sales holiday," Said local shopper, Kimberly Headley. 

Hundreds of Montgomery shoppers are cashing in on the tax-free weekend. Between state and city sales taxes, locals are saving 14% on purchases, which gives them an even bigger reason to shop for themselves.

"We just decided to browse, look around to see what we can find, any bargains, as well as save taxes this weekend," Said Headley. "It's a good time to get school stuff, get your kids prepared to go back to school."

But school supplies aren't at the top of the list for everyone. Many people are looking into clothes and electronics. And one of the biggest buys this year -- computers. Greg Offenbacker drove all the way from Roanoke to get Montgomery's savings.

"It's good for the economy, it's good for people like she's trying to get it for her grandaughter for school, so I'm just trying to help her out," Said shopper, Greg Offenbacker.

"Went online and seen some prices and they looked pretty good. So came on in and tried to save some money today," said local shopper, Randy Williams.

"People are coming in getting laptops, computers, ipods, everything. It's been real busy, real packed, it's been real exciting." Said Best Buy employee, Douglas Terrell.

Across the state, 272 cities and counties are taking part in the holiday. Local stores, like Best Buy, have already seen an increase in customers this sales tax holiday. And there's still one day left. The tax-free weekend ends Sunday at midnight.


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