Teen Fights Off Attacker, Police Searching For Man


By Catalina Trivino

A Red Level teen is assaulted by a man with a knife... and survives after fighting off her attacker. She shares her story with Alabama News Network and says no matter how small you are -- don't ever give up the fight.

Layden Lee is 14 years old, weighs 93 lbs. and is about 5 ft. tall -- and while she may be little, she's also a fighter.

The attack happened at her Red Level home in the middle of the night when she got up for a drink of water.

"And he came up behind me with the knife," Said Lee, as she replayed the scene for our crew in her kitchen. "And after a while of me fighting him from behind he picked me up and put me on the ground. And that's where he continued to assault me."

The man left her with several wounds. She says she was cut about 12 times in six places on her body, including her stomach, arm and face.

"I was just trying to scratch him, but he had his hand over my mouth, so I couldn't really do anything like trying to get to his face or anything. So I just tried to grab anything I could, scratch anything I could," Said Lee.

That's when her mother heard muffled yelling from the front porch, ran inside and saw the attacker run out the back door.

"And I heard her screaming and my first instinct was I picked up the knife and was running after him and then I thought, 'no.' I couldn't do that because I remember seeing her in blood," said Lee's mother, Loryn.

And while she was covered in blood, she was also covered by the lessons taught by her family, who've told her to always fight for survival... no matter your size.

"And I want the girls to know that no matter what anybody says or what happens, you can always fight off no matter how little you are," Said Lee.

Police are still trying to identify the person who did this. Lee describes the man wearing blue jeans, a dark-colored hoodie, standing about 6 feet tall. If you have seen this man, you're asked to call the Red Level Police Department at 334-427-4911.



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