Tempers Flare At Dadeville City Council Meeting


By Ashley Thompson

Emotions ran high at a city council meeting in Tallapoosa County.

Some residents are mad with the way their newly-elected mayor is being treated.

Resident Lamar Hartley was visibly upset at the Dadeville City Council meeting and he wasn't the only one. Citizens packed City Hall to air their frustrations with council members' treatment of Mayor Joe Smith.

"The mayor that we've just elected has done more for this town than any mayor we've ever had. For the citizens of Dadeville, he's done what's right and I cant say that for the foreman," says Hartley.

"I would like to see the council get it together and act like human beings and support the Mayor and make this town better than it is," says Dadeville resident Kimberly Aldridge Benson.

In what some are calling a 'secret meeting,' council members passed an ordinance banning Mayor Smith from hiring or firing anyone on his staff. The meeting was organized 3 days before it actually took place. Dadeville citizens say they knew nothing about it.

"They've never posted a meeting. I come right here and pay my water bill every month and I look right there on the door...no posting," says Dadeville resident Jeff Smith.

One city council member addressed the timing of the passed ordinance saying "It was before Mayor Smith took office so at that time Mike Ingram was the Mayor. Until then, we made the decision with the Mayor that was Mayor at the time."

Even after all the shouting, the Mayor says he is optimistic that he'll get authority back.

I'm going to try to work with the council every way I can. We've got to for the citizens of Dadeville, whether I like it or not," he says.

Mayor Smith said that he will make sure the public is better informed of any future city council meetings.




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