Ten Seasons In, Montgomery Biscuits Still Holding On


By Ashley Thompson

The Montgomery Biscuits played their first season in 2004 in front of new fans and large crowds. Now, ten seasons later, is momentum still high for the double-A team?

Sherrie Myers owns the Montgomery Biscuits, along with eight other  AA baseball teams across the country. But she tells us having a team in Montgomery can sometimes be a challenge.

"We know schedules are tough and you've got church and you've got family commitments and you've got sports commitments but you know, this is something that's really quite rare for a city this size."

So, Myers tells us the Biscuits use incentives to get more people in the stands. Many of them, ideas provided by fans. Freebie Fridays, Eatapolooza, and Be our Guest are just three promotions the team uses.

"It's a good way to promote the games and get people here when you have the deals," says fan Laura Lee Russell.

Another AA baseball team in Alabama isn't fairing so well. The Huntsville Stars have seen a decline in attendance over the years, ranking last in the Southern League last year. The Stars rarely do any promotions or giveaways, something Myers tells us fans look forward to.

"We really tried to understand what the fans wanted last season and I think we were able to deliver quite a bit of it," she says. "And I think it shows as people walk through the gates and the numbers that have been through the gates."

She tells us this season, the Biscuits have had more walk-up ticket sales than last season. And tells us overall, attendance is higher than it's been in a few years.

Fans we spoke with say they'd like even more locals to support the Biscuits.

"Montgomery needs something like baseball," says David Nichols of Prattville. "It's very important to be able to have something that you can get behind and support and it's a money maker for Montgomery and it helps the city."

"The activity down here is just amazing and that's why if you continue to support the ball club, then you continue to support the economy of Montgomery," says fan Brad Tillery.


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