Campaign 2012 The City Vote: Tallassee


By Tamika Bickham

The candidates for Tallassee mayor are turning up the heat as election day approaches. Meet the three candidates vying for the city's top spot. All three candidates are hoping to be elected to Tallassee mayor and lead the city for the next 4 years.

The Tallassee mayor's seat will go to one of three candidates. Current mayor George McCain.

"We have been very, very successful in all of the things we have accomplished," he said.

Former mayor Bobby Payne.

"I think they are ready for another change and that change is going to be me I hope," said Payne.

There's also the newcomer to Tallassee's political scene, local businessman Fred Randall Hughey.

"I've been a broadcaster here in Tallassee for the last 33 years, so I've had my finger on the pulse of things that go on in this community," said Hughey.

Hughey admits he has no political experience, but as the owner and morning show host at local radio station, WACQ, he says he knows the issues.

He says if he is elected, his focus will be promoting growth and improving education.

"I think our school system needs to be the best that it can be and that will attract newcomers, and that's part of the annexation. Sixty percent of our students that go to Tallassee schools do not live in the city limits. Therefore their parents property tax, the portion that goes to the schools, goes to the county not the school," said Hughey.

Bobby Payne was Tallassee's mayor from 1988 until 2008, when he was defeated by current mayor, George McCain. Payne served on the city council for 12 years prior to that. Now he's hoping to get back into the office that he was voted out of 4 years ago, to work on education and recreation.

"We haven't done a whole lot in that area and we've got some things that really need addressing quickly. We are going to do that and address some of those things very quickly," said Payne.

For example he says, improving the city pool and senior citizen programs.

McCain is confident he can hold on to the seat he won from Payne. He says you can see the progress he's made around Tallassee, like a new downtown park completed just a few weeks ago.

"We want to keep the ball rolling. We've got the airport back and we want to get qualified to put a corporate jet port there. Continue to beautify the city. Continue to upgrade our services to the citizens," said Mayor McCain.

The three candidates will participate in a debate at City Hall on August 21st. Election day is August 28th.

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