The State of the Democratic Party in Alabama


By Ellis Eskew

The candidates are gearing up for the 2014 elections.
But so far, no Democrats have thrown their hats in the race.

Right now, Republicans hold all statewide elected offices and two-thirds of the legislature.
We talked to interim Democratic Chair Nancy Worley about the state of the Democratic Party. She says she is encouraged by some potential candidates.
And she hopes that with possibly more Democrats in the legislature, things will be different than this past legislative session.

"One of our goals would be to break that super majority in the legislature. Right now, Republicans don't even have to sit down and discuss issues with the Democrats because they do have a super majority of the votes, so often times they railroad things," said Worley.

She also dismissed GOP Chair Bill Armistead's concern  of Democrats either voting or running in Republican primaries. She believes true Democrats will stay loyal to their party values.
The primaries are June 3rd. 

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