Thief Cuts Hole in Wall of Troy Hardware Store


By Sarah Cantey

John Weed's been opening up Lawrence Hardware in this exact building on Brundidge Street since 1983.

John Weed, Co-owner Lawrence Hardware said, "Never had anything like this happen, we've had shoplifting and things of that nature, never a forceable break-in." 
Opening up shop Wednesday morning, John Weed immediately noticed the cash drawers were on the floor. 
John said, "Checked all the glass windows, glass doors and noticed everything was still secure. We even looked at the ceiling tiles to see if they came through the ceiling." 
It only took police a matter of minutes to find a hole cut through the wall. 
Troy Police Lt. Bryan Weed said,  "It is a very unique means of entering a business. Not one that you normally see for sure. It's just a matter of time, they will make a mistake or luck will go our way."
John Weed also  thinks who ever was behind it was sneaky enough to put a glove over one camera, but didn't notice all the cameras. 
John said, "They saw themselves on the monitor and probably got frightened away." 
They only took a small amount of change and for that the Weed's are counting their blessings. 
John said, "My wife and I are very fortunate that they didn't tear up a lot of things other than just the wall that can be replaced." 
Troy Police are urging anyone to come forward who may have seen something out of the ordinary on Brundidge Street Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.
You can contact:
Troy Police- (334) 566-0500
Crimestoppers- 215- STOP

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