3 Shootings in 36 Hours in Mtgy.: What's Being Done to Stop the Violence?


By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery -- Police are investigating another shooting. The third in the last 36 hours. Authorities say the victim was found in a North Montgomery neighborhood, and the shooter is on the loose.


Police are searching for answers Tuesday after a woman who was shot called police from a home on Williams Road.

"It did not happen at the location," says Lt. Regina Duckett with Montgomery Police. "She actually drove here after the incident occurred. Right now we are trying to get information from her. She was transported in stable condition."

Monday afternoon a man was shot in front a Family Dollar store off Southern Blvd, and hours before, police found a woman shot to death on a front lawn in a North Montgomery neighborhood making it the 18th murder of the year. 

Duckett says while that number is worrisome, she believes only one was a random act.

"A majority are related to something," she says. "They have been drug related. Unfortunately, prostitute related. Domestic violence related."

"Nothing ever happened like this out here," says Addie Morick.

Morick lives next to Tuesday's scene.

"It's frightening, because you don't know who will be next!" she says. "People just don't' have value on life anymore."

As it stands, Montgomery has had more murders this year than any other city in Alabama. Public Safety Director Chris Murphy understands why people have concerns.

"The people that live in Montgomery and visit Montgomery deserve better," he says.

Murphy says police have rerouted and increased the number of patrols. He says the city is working with the faith based community and is reaching out to the schools to see how to solve the problem.

"We are very serious about wanting to partner with the community in any way," he says. "If you hear something, let police know. Go ahead and call us."


And at Montgomery City Hall, Mayor Todd Strange expressed his concerns about the number of homicides at the city council meeting and how he hopes to fix it.

Strange says most of the murders were not random. He says they were related to either drugs, prostitution or domestic disputes.

Strange says he is asking the faith based community to step in and help.


Police have one suspect in custody in connection with yesterday's shooting near the Family Dollar, but they are still searching for the suspects involved in the shooting that happened Tuesday afternoon and Monday morning.

Murphy say despite the high number of gun crimes, they have solved 80 percent of the homicides this year. 



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