Toomer's Oak Trees Update

Experts Say Tree's Future Look Bleak


By Jamie Langley

As the man accused of poisoning Toomer's Oak Trees stands trial and all other plants are in summer bloom, the oaks are fighting to stay alive.

The green foliage blooming on the trees this spring has fallen off.

Stephen Enloe, a horticulturist who is monitoring the trees full time, says that they are patiently waiting to see if the oaks will bloom again -- an indication that they are still alive.

Enloe says it has been a long process in monitoring the poisoned toomer's oaks and in hoping that they will pull through.

However, with no signs of new blooms, no active photosynthesis taking place, and the amount of herbicide absorbed into the soil it doesn't look good for the trees that are considered an institution in Auburn.

You can keep track of the Toomer's Oaks and their health at anAuburn University website that posts regular updates.

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