Town of Pike Road Releases Details About New School


By Alabama News Network

The town of Pike Road's first school is expected to open in 2015. City leaders are now revealing more details about their new school system.

The town of Pike Road was recently given a Double-A credit rating from Standard and Poor's, a score good enough to attract the best possible interest rates for building the school. Mayor Stone compares Pike Road's double-A rating to other Alabama school systems...

"They looked at how we manage our finances, looked at our potential for growth, and said Pike Road, Alabama is on the same plain as Vestavia, Homewood, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Auburn."

School officials say one of the most asked questions about the new school is... when will teachers be hired? But School Board Vice President Linda Ware says they are looking for a superintendent first. Ware says the position will be posted in October.

"We're looking for someone who can support what we're looking to do in Pike Road which is provide an excellent product for the children," she says.

This first building constructed will be a K-8 facility. Pike Road will open bids to contractors in October and the city expects to break ground on the school in January of 2014. Some residents tell us they're excited about the new school. Andrew Gerachis has lived in Pike Road since 2005 and says he's wanted a school for quite some time.

"Schools bring communities together and for old folks like me, having the little kids to work with, to be a reader in the school, watch them all walking to school and learning is a very exciting thing," he explains.

Though others aren't as excited. Catherine Cope says although she does think Pike Road needs a school, she's not thrilled about the location off Marler Road.

"How a student feels, how parents feel coming in is awfully important in a new school so, to me, I would rather have had a wonderful school like this is going to be outside of a residential area."

Mayor Stone tells us the land the school will sit on was donated, which is saving Pike Road money.






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