Traffic Not a Problem for Comedy Tour at Garrett Coliseum


By Ashley Thompson

Comedians Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall were in Montgomery headlining a comedy show at Garrett Coliseum. Traffic at the coliseum was a big problem when Elton John came to Montgomery, so how was it for this show?

Larry The Cable Guy hasn't performed in Montgomery since 2008. His appearance, along with Bill Engvall's drew a big crowd.
People are still talking about the traffic that congested the roads when Elton John performed at Garrett Coliseum.
"It was absolutely horrendous," says Prattville resident Krista Hanson.
Some say they believe officials learned from what happened. Joe Mishoe tells us he traveled from Millbrook to see his favorite comedian, Larry the Cable Guy. He says he had no problem getting to the coliseum.
"I think it was a bit more organized this time," he says. "People knew what they pay was to get in the gate to park and everything else."
Traffic appeared to be moving at a steady pace with no backups in sight. Those we spoke with tell us they expected traffic to be worse than it actually was. 
"I thought on the way here it might get a little busier but it wasn't bad," says Katie Sovine.
"We were expecting horrible traffic but it was just phenomenal," says Hanson.
"Traffic was great. No problems getting in or anything," Mishoe says.
Larry Stevens who works with Garrett Coliseum says officials are working hard to keep traffic congestion from becoming an issue when celebrities come to Montgomery. But he also says people shouldn't be surprised if there is some backup.
"It has always been an issue and I think anytime you have a sellout crowd- anytime you have ten, twelve, fifteen thousand people trying to come in all at the same time," says Stevens. "That's sort of part of the problem. Lets face it, in Montgomery we can get anywhere in fifteen minutes so you think I'll leave at six-thirty for a show that starts at 7, that doesn't work."
Stevens offers some tips for those who plan on attending any event at Garrett Coliseum.
"People need to get out early, get over here, find a parking space, get to their seat and just enjoy the ambiance of the evening."
Of course, there were fewer people in attendance for the comedy tour than for Elton John but the lack of traffic congestion appears to be a step in the right direction.

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