Triple Shooting in Montgomery Leaves 1 dead, 3 Injured


By Ashley Thompson

Residents at the Red Lion Apartment Complex off of Narrow Lane Road say they are now worried about the safety of their children after a triple shooting in their neighborhood.

"It's sad that kids can't play," says Rosa Davis. "Something like that going on out here, it's sad."

"They can't even go outside and play!" says Latisha Mayes. "Something is always going on out here. That just took the cake right there."

Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy says this was a drug deal gone bad.

"We're told by one of the victims of the shooting that they were out here on a drug deal and things didn't go well," he explains. "People started pulling out guns and shooting."

Two men drove to a nearby hospital where one man was pronounced dead. The other two men involved attempted to flee police but were taken into custody after a brief car chase.

"When you're engaged in criminal activity, you certainly don't want to get caught and then a shooting on top of a drug deal, it's no good," says Murphy. "There's no good here."

Residents of the complex say they are just trying to make sense of the whole situation.

"I don't really know what's going on," Mayes says. "I was in my home at the time so I just came out to see all the action."

"What can you say? It's sad," says Davis. "It's really sad."

Chief Murphy says all four of these men did know each other.

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Montgomery Police are investigating another homicide. An apartment complex was the scene of a triple shooting this afternoon, leaving one person dead and three others injured.

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