Reaction: Two Sexual Assaults Reported in Same Neighborhood in Troy


By Jessica Gertler

From the CBS 8 Troy Newsroom-- Police say all attention is on finding a man they say has now sexually assaulted two women in the same neighborhood on the same day.

Police say both attacks happened last Monday, and they believe the two cases are related.
Women in the area say they're not taking these incidents lightly and say fear is in the air.

Police are investigating a second reported sexual assault that happened a couple miles from the Troy University campus.

"Now that there's become a second raping in the area, it makes me even more terrified," says university student Kristen Hartley.

They say two women, a current university and former university student,  were sexually assaulted in their homes in Hunter's Mountain Mobile Estates last Monday. They say the attacks happened within hours of each other.

"All of our detectives are concentrating on this case, and we have someone out there 24 hours a day," says Troy Police Chief Jimmy Ennis.

But that hasn't been enough for some residents.

"One of the girls that I'm really good friends with, she lives in Hunter's Mountain. She's moved out. She's living at home now and just commuting back and forth," says university student Marley Galvan.

Galvan says over Spring Break she had an unsettling situation happen at her off-campus home.

"I heard someone ratting the handle on the back door, and I freaked out. I have been the only car on Fulmar Street that's moved in the whole week," she says. "It's just random that somebody would come to my house."

She says the suspect ran off before the police arrived.

"It really shook me up, and now hearing all of this stuff happening it makes me wonder if that's what was going to happen to me," she says.

University officials are advising students to be more cautious until the attacker is caught. They say they have increased patrols on and around campus.

"We're taking some of the guys who normally work the office and putting them in uniform and putting them on the streets, so that we have a few extra out on campus and that we are being visible."

The city of Troy and the university are each offering a $5,000 reward if you can help find the attacker.

If you think you can solve this case, call Troy Police at (334) 566-0500 or their secret witness line at (334) 566-5555.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, 6 foot 1, 250 pounds, with close-cut hair.

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