Troy Police: Home Invasion Suspect in Intensive Care After Victims Fight Back


By Jessica Gertler

Troy Police say Thomas White was carrying a firearm when he broke into front door of the couple's home early this morning with the intent to rob them. But they say the ending isn't what you would expect.

In this CBS 8 News exclusive video, you're looking at Deanna McLeod and Parrish Bean.

Police say the two were in Thomas White's get-a-way car, and they say all three are being charged with attempted murder, robbery and burglary at this home on Martha George Hall Drive in Troy.

CBS 8 News has learned the homeowner was a professor at Troy University and his wife was a local teacher.

"You know, they really were a quiet little couple," says Margaret Sanders, who is a neighbor.

Police say White armed with a gun when broke into the home, but they say the couple fought back leaving White with multiple stab wounds. He's now in the Intensive Care Unit at Troy Regional Medical Center.

"A man protecting his wife paramounts more than anything else. It's more like protecting your child. You'll do anything in this world that you have to do," says Sgt. Benny Scarbrough with Troy Police.

Investigators say the couple did suffer from non-life threatening injuries and were both taken to the hospital.

"I really don't believe it was a targeted individual or individuals," says Scarbrough.

Neighbors say they have always felt safe in the area, but this incident has left them with an uneasy feeling.

"I'll be scared for a while, but I know everybody on the street will be," says Sanders.

"It concerns me. I think it makes me more aware what's going on in the area rather than taking a lot of it for granted. We just assume it's safe," says neighbor Jack Norton.

Police say the homeowner has been released from the hospital, and his wife has been taken to a hospital in Birmingham for further treatment to a wound on her hand.

Police say White is still in the ICU and is being guarded by an officer.

All three suspects will be held on a $500,000 bond.



From the CBS 8 Troy Newsroom-- Police in Troy are investigating a home invasion that left a couple with injuries, one suspect in an intensive care, unit, and two other suspects behind bars. CBS 8 News was the only station there when two of the suspects were taken to jail.

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