Troy Transit For A Safe Ride


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 Almost all of the people behind this business are either Troy university students or graduates. And they say this is exactly what the university needs. The city seems to agree because every one of the council members jumped on board.

With the final nod from the city, the newest transit service in Troy is ready to hit the road. 
Michael Root, Troy Transit owner said, "With the unanimous vote across the board and them stopping up to see how I am doing, that made me feel good. The community's support is definitely what we are all about again this is a public service we are giving back to the community, this isn't a get rich quick scheme by any means."
Troy Transit will pick up anyone in Troy from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday. They will take you anywhere in the city limits for $5/person. 
Melanie Newman, Chief Marketing and Promotions said, "You'll see a stray taxi here and there from Montgomery, Dothan or Ozark but we are really the only ones right now and it is kind of hard to believe." 
And with the campus shuttle shutting down at midnight, university police hope the new option will make people think twice before drinking and driving. 
John McCall, Troy University Police Chief said, "Just the fact that they can call somebody and not have that designated driver with their party and their groups. So everybody can go out and have a decent time and fun time and they can call the Troy transit and get a ride home, I think it is going to be big."
And some students agree, supporting anything to make the roads a little safer. 
Daniel Kidd, a sophomore said, "It'll cut down a lot because they need it out here they need it seriously. i've seen a couple folks drive and drink and I've been run off the road by a drunk driver so I would definitely approve of this."
Since the idea of Troy Transit is centered being a safe ride, they hope to one day apply for non profit status. That way they can drive around students for free. Their official launch is Thursday. 

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