Troy University-Montgomery Graduate Is the Youngest on Record


By Ellis Eskew

Students at Troy University- Montgomery graduated Monday night.
Among them was the university's youngest graduate ever on record.
He is 17 years old and received his Masters degree.

Heath Harding gets his Masters degree hood ready for Troy University- Montgomery's graduation. 
As you can imagine, at only 17, he's gotten a lot of attention from his older classmates.

"There's been a lot of humorous interactions with people and a lot of funny nicknames, but all have been positive," said Heath.

But he doesn't like to take the credit for being so smart.

"I don't think I'm a genius per se. I think I've been blessed in a great environment to learn in. I think maybe I have an IQ above average, but I think a lot of hard work goes a long way," said Heath.

Hard work that his parents instilled in all of their ten homeschooled children.
And believe it or not, so far they have all started college before the age of 12.
For the Hardings, education is a way of life.

"We believe age segregation is wrong for school children, so we are trying to be at the forefront of that movement. Teaching people that kids can really do some amazing things," said Heath's dad, Kip.

"You can't just look at their age and decide that's what grade they are in. You need to look at their abilities and their maturity and may be they are ready to do more regardless of their age," said Heath's mom, Mona Lisa.

What does heath plan to do with his Masters of computer science degree?

"My heart is with education and with helping people become computer literate especially among children and older adults. I also love world missions, so definitely thinking about that," said Heath.

One of Heath's sisters just graduated with her doctorate Sunday making her the youngest female physician in the country... at the age of 22.

To learn more about the Hardings, click here.


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