Pike Co. to Receive More Than Eight Million Dollars for Road Improvements


By Brittany Bivins

Drivers in Pike County could soon see big improvements on busy roadways after the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program approved spending nearly eight million dollars in grant money for road work.

In Pike County, people say they want to see changes on their roads. "We have a lot of traffic during the summer when they have ball over there at the Sportsplex and really needs it," said Mae Lassiter, who lives in Troy.

Thanks to state funding, those changes are just months away.

"People in the next coming months will see almost ten million dollars in infrastructure improvement within Pike County alone," said Harry Sanders, Pike County Administrator.

In the City of Troy, three major roads will get makeovers. "Everybody's excited about elm street, as well as these are all highly traveled areas, I think that's one of the main reasons they were funded. These are needed projects," said Jason Reeves, Mayor of Troy.

The county will expand and resurface Enzor Road near the Troy Recreation Center. It will also resurface Henderson Highway, which runs by the city's industrial park. Another bumpy road, Elm Street, will be resurfaced since the area has been damaged by recent construction work.

City officials say the changes should benefit everyone. "The recreation center, that's quality of life, so all those things tie together. We feel like it will have an industrial, economic impact and a quality of life, recreational impact as well," said Reeves.

County officials are still drawing up plans for the projects. They should be completed within eighteen months.

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