Two Men Recovering After Trapped Underground for Hours


By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery County-- Two men who were trapped under ground for hours have been rescued. 

The cave-in happened on a farm off Interstate-65 near the Lowndes County line. 

Both men were transported by helicopters to a Montgomery hospital.

Cameras caught medics carry the second man who was completely submerged underground into a helicopter.

He was screaming in pain, but authorities say he is not in critical condition.

The two men were trapped in this hole on a farm off Wadens Road for hours.

Montgomery Special Operations Asst. Fire Chief Kelly Gordon says the men were installing cement paneling for a cell phone tower when the ground caved in, and they were trapped in a rebar beam cage.

Gordon says the rescue started at 12 p.m. Wednesday, and it took a couple hours to get the first man out, and about four hours to get the second out.

Close to 30 law enforcement officers and firefighters helped with the project. A dozen of the firefighters have gone through special training for a similar situation.

Authorities say both men have minor injuries, but nothing life threatening.


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